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Re-Installing CoachProxy Software Image

Important! Do not update your CoachProxy software if you have our Voice Integration (i.e. Alexa, Google Home) option installed. If you upgrade, your Voice Integration will stop working. We expect to have a new version of Voice Integration available by early May, 2018.

Important! Re-installing your CoachProxy software will reset any saved configuration settings, such as you WiFi network information or notification settings. After re-installing, you will need to configure your CoachProxy settings again.

This process requires the ability to write to a microSD card. This can be achieved with a USB Card reader, or by using a microSD to SD adapter and an existing SD card slot on your computer.

  1. Download and save the latest CoachProxy software image file. See our Change Log for details about each version.
    • Download link: CoachProxy_latest.img.bz2
    • The download is very large, approximately 660 MB. If your Internet connection is via a cellular phone or hotspot, please be aware of your monthly data usage limit.
  2. Unplug CoachProxy from the Spyder Controls network by squeezing the small clip on the edge of the black network connector.
  3. Remove the microSD card from CoachProxy
    • If you are looking at the bottom of the CoachProxy, the microSD card will be in a recess opposite the USB and network ports.
    • The microSD card simply pulls out. Tweezers may help remove the card. Refer to the photos at the bottom of this page.
  4. Flash the downloaded software image onto the microSD card:
    • Download and install the free “Etcher” program from
    • Insert the microSD card into your computer or USB card reader, using a microSD to SD card adapter if needed.
    • Run Etcher, select your downloaded CoachProxy_latest.img.bz2 file, your SD card, and click “Flash”.
  5. Once the image is written to the microSD card, remove it from your computer and re-insert it into CoachProxy.
    • When holding CoachProxy upside down, the label of the microSD card will be toward you, and the metal pins toward the CoachProxy board, as shown in the photos below.
  6. Plug the CoachProxy network cable back into your coach’s Spyder network.
    • Please wait at least two minutes for CoachProxy to start up.
    • Follow our Quick Start guide to connect to CoachProxy’s direct Wi-Fi network and configure CoachProxy for your coach and Wi-Fi network.