Known Issues and Roadmap


  • 2018 Second Quarter
    • Add support for 2018 Zephyr to self-configuration system.
    • Re-write e-mail notification/alert system to be more flexible and include new types of alerts.
    • Add additional 2018 coach features, including more information about electrical systems (shore power, inverter, charger, etc.)
  • 2018 Third Quarter
    • Allow saving and restoring of “presets”. For example, a “bed time” preset could remember the current lights, fans, floors, thermostat settings, etc. and restore those same settings with one button press.
    • Data collection for 2019 Tiffin coaches. We will be in Red Bay for several weeks in September for this data collection.
  • 2018 Fourth Quarter
    • Finish adding 2019 coach support.

Potential future ideas being evaluated:

  • Allow scheduling of certain events, e.g. “turn specific lights on/off at certain times”
  • Add automation triggers, e.g. “retract door awning when parking break is released”

Known Issues

  • 2018 thermostat controls: currently allow setting “fan only” mode on roof units, but can not yet force the fan to be on while remaining in cooling or heating modes.