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Michael J. Kidd
Michael J. Kidd
Michael and his wife Lehnanne ( VegasEnvy.us ) have been full-time RV’ing since 2007.  Michael has always had a passion for technology and is always looking for the next “itch” to scratch.  When they made the decision to purchase a Tiffin Allegro Bus, one of the first “itches” Michael foresaw was the ability to control the coach from his phone.  Having had experience with similar multiplex technologies in the past, Michael knew he already had a good foundation to build on for this project.  Within 6 months of owning the 2016 Tiffin Allegro Bus 45OP, Michael was able to communicate with the Spyder Controls network and control loads throughout his coach.

David Bott
David and his wife Brenda ( OutsideOurBubble.com ) started RV’ing in 2008, leaving it all behind for a full-time RV life in 2013.  David has a long history of technology-based ventures including starting (and later selling) a successful Audio/Video forum, a TiVo forum and a Digital Broadcasting forum among many others.

KiddBott Tech, LLC
Michael and David met by chatting about the building of David’s 2014 Tiffin Allegro Bus 45LP.  Michael had contacted David through their travel blog and it was at that time they found out that they had a lot in common.  David eagerly became the very first CoachProxy tester outside of Michael’s wife Lehnanne.  It was David that saw the need for such a system the in RV market and urged Michael to make CoachProxy available.  And the rest is history!