CoachProxy No Longer Available

As of February 2019, CoachProxy is no longer available for purchase and the company is in the process of shutting down.

Below are the answers to some frequently asked questions about the future of CoachProxy:

I Need Warranty Repairs: The one-year warranty included with all new CoachProxy units is still being honored—just open a support ticket. Note: almost all repairs are actually software problems that can be easily solved by re-installing the CoachProxy software.

I Need Technical Support:

  • For most questions, the best place to get help moving forward is the CoachProxy Users group on Facebook:
  • For units still under warranty, more advanced technical support can be requested by opening a support ticket.
  • Please do NOT send Facebook Messenger requests to my personal Facebook account! Due to my privacy settings, Facebook does not notify me of these, so I often don’t see them for days. Instead, use the “Support Request” page to open a support ticket.

Will my Remote Access Keep Working? CoachProxy software version 3.0.8 integrated a new, third party remote access system. This allows CoachProxy users to subscribe to Remote Access through a different company, ensuring continued availability of the service (including a free tier!). The legacy $4.95/month Remote Access service on “” will eventually be shut down, though no date has been set for this yet.

Will Email Notifications Keep Working? Your CoachProxy delivers its email notifications through our server. This server will eventually be shut down, though no date has been set for this yet. We are still looking into ways to continue providing notifications without this server.

Will my CoachProxy Work on a 2020 Tiffin? No. The CoachProxy software has only been developed to support 2015-2019 Tiffins. The software has not been updated to support 2020 Tiffins.

Can I Still Upgrade My CoachProxy’s Hardware/Software? CoachProxy software version 3.0.0 introduced a new WiFi hardware upgrade and new software features. You can read more about this at Per the instructions on that page, the hardware upgrade is still available for $9.99 on Amazon and the software can still be downloaded from the CoachProxy web site, for those wishing to upgrade.

Where are the CoachProxy Instructions? Instructions for configuring, using, upgrading, and troubleshooting your CoachProxy are at