CoachProxy No Longer Available

As of February 2019, CoachProxy is no longer available for purchase and the company is in the process of shutting down.

Below are the answers to some frequently asked questions about the future of CoachProxy:

I Need Help / Technical Support:

  • Looking for CoachProxy instructions? Use the instructions link near the top of this page.
  • The best place to get help moving forward is the CoachProxy Users group on Facebook:
  • Almost all issues can be resolved by re-installing the CoachProxy software.
  • If all else fails, you can contact Mike by opening a support ticket. Since all units are now out of warranty, tickets are answered on a best-effort basis, and it may take some time to receive a reply. Feb 2021 Update: The support ticket system will be permanently shut down this spring.
  • Please do NOT send Facebook Messenger requests to my personal Facebook account.

Will my Remote Access Keep Working? CoachProxy software version 3.0.8 integrated a new, third party remote access system. This allows CoachProxy users to subscribe to Remote Access through a different company, ensuring continued availability of the service (including a free tier!). The legacy $4.95/month Remote Access service on “” will eventually be shut down, possibly at the end of 2021.

Will Email Notifications Keep Working? Your CoachProxy delivers its email notifications through our server. This server will eventually be shut down, possibly at the end of 2021. The free / Open Source version of the CoachProxy software lets you configure your own e-mail gateway to work around this.

Will my CoachProxy Work on a 2020 or newer Tiffin? The CoachProxy software has only been developed to support 2015-2019 Tiffins. The software has not been updated to support 2020 or newer Tiffins.

Is there a future for CoachProxy? In order to foster continued innovation, a free and open source version of the CoachProxy software has been created and is available at, along with basic instructions for assembling a CoachProxy device from scratch. Be sure to read the included GPL software license to understand the terms of using the free version! Several users in the CoachProxy Facebook group are familiar with this version and the hardware build process.