CoachProxy Server Shutdown

CoachProxy Server Shutdown

Update 1/2/2022: Thanks to everyone who donated (a total of $500 so far) to offset the remote access server fees! The remote access server is fully funded through all of 2022 and half of 2023. I’ve taken down the donation link as I don’t want to accumulate too much money in the server fund.

Update 12/25/2021: For those still using the “official” CoachProxy software with the old remote access service and alert e-mail system, you can donate to keep the remote access server up and running through 2022. The remaining costs for the remote access system come to approximately $27 per month, and 100% of donations will go towards these monthly server fees.

Update 10/4/2021: To keep your Remote Access accounts working, I’ve applied a 100% discount coupon to existing CoachProxy Remote Access subscribers. This way you can continue to use Remote Access, but won’t be billed. If your Remote Access isn’t working, or if you are charged, please open a ticket at and I’ll look into it ASAP.

Update 9/30/2021: As previously announced, today all CoachProxy Remote Access subscriptions have been canceled. If you pay via PayPal, you can go to to check that your CoachProxy payments are no longer active. Please keep an eye on your credit card and/or PayPal statements for the next month, and if you see a charge, send an email to and I will look into it and refund the mistaken charge.

Update 9/13/2021: Thanks to donation offers from several customers (see #5 below), the Remote Access system will remain online after 12/31/2021. More details, including how to donate, will be available later this year.

On September 30 2021, Wandertech LLC, the company behind CoachProxy, will finish shutting down. Below is a summary of what will change and how it may affect you as a CoachProxy customer.

  1. The CoachProxy support ticket system (“ZenDesk”) will be discontinued, as will the various support e-mails “”. For help with your CoachProxy, use the CoachProxy Facebook group to discuss issues with other users.
  2. The web site will remain online with instructions and other information. However, customers will no longer be able to log into their accounts.
  3. All CoachProxy Remote Access subscriptions will be CANCELLED on 9/30/2021 and no future payments will be collected after that date.
  4. The CoachProxy Remote Access server will REMAIN UP AND RUNNING for free until at least December 30, 2021 for existing remote access users.
  5. I am exploring options to keep the Remote Access server online longer (e.g. through 2022) by accepting small donations strictly to offset the monthly server fees. More information about this will be posted here later this year once I have a solution.
  6. When the Remote Access server is eventually shut down, e-mail notifications from CoachProxy devices (e.g. for battery voltage, holding tank levels, etc.) will no longer work, as these e-mails are routed through the Remote Access server.

Alternative options for remote access and e-mail notifications:

  1. All recent CoachProxy software releases include support for a 3rd party remote access system (“ngrok”). Users who are still using the “” Remote Access system can switch to the 3rd party system by following the instructions at This will allow users to continue accessing CoachProxy remotely, however e-mail notifications will still not work once the server is shut down.
  2. A free “Open Source” version of the CoachProxy software was released two years ago. This software is nearly identical to the commercial CoachProxy software. It uses the same 3rd party remote access service and also allows users to configure their own e-mail delivery service. CoachProxy customers may download, install, and switch to this Open Source version of the CoachProxy software to completely eliminate their reliance on the server. More details are available at: Switching to Open Source CoachProxyOS
  3. Or, customers can continue using the existing Remote Access system and email notifications until the server is eventually shut down (e.g. in 2022 or later).