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CoachProxy Is Off And Running

We are so proud to announce that CoachProxy is off and running. We are so pleased to have been able to develop such a simple yet powerful device to use for your Tiffin Motorhome. Please be sure to read all about it throughout the site and we think you may agree that CoachProxy fills a missing need in our wonderful Tiffin coaches.

2 thoughts on “CoachProxy Is Off And Running

  1. Will the Coach Proxy be available for other brand motorhomes in the near future?

    1. Hello Rue,
      Thanks for your interest. At this time, we’re focusing on Tiffin motorhomes and making sure we deliver the best experience possible there. Other manufacturers that use the Spyder controls system are certainly possible for the future, but they’ve not standardized their Spyder controls loads like Tiffin. This makes supporting other brands much more difficult as each Floorplan and year can be drastically different than others, even of the same brand. We will be exploring these options in the future, so please do keep an eye on the site for updates.


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