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CoachProxy Sales Ending

After careful consideration, I’ve decided to end production and sales of new CoachProxy devices. Once the current inventory of CoachProxy devices is sold, no new units will be built. However,¬†CoachProxy customers will still be fully supported. The items below summarize what is changing:

  1. Once the current inventory of CoachProxy units is sold out, I will not be building any new units. I anticipate running out of inventory within the next few weeks.
  2. All hardware warranties will continue to be fully supported. If you buy the very last CoachProxy, you’ll still have a full 1-year warranty from your date of purchase.
  3. CoachProxy Voice Integration (Amazon Alexa support) has proven to be increasingly difficult to support as Amazon updates its devices and software. As such, sales of Voice Integration will end on February 22, 2019 (two weeks from today).
  4. Future CoachProxy software updates will be focused more on bug fixes rather than new features.
  5. The CoachProxy Remote Access service will continue to be maintained and supported, as many people (myself included) depend on this.

I know how important CoachProxy is to many people. These changes will allow me to continue supporting existing customers without the difficulties of scaling the business and assisting new customers.

Mike Fischer

2/12/2019: CoachProxy is now sold out.