Change CoachProxy Direct Wi-Fi Settings

Change CoachProxy Direct Wi-Fi Settings

This is an important step as it will prevent others from connecting to your CoachProxy and controlling your coach.

  1. Connect to CoachProxy and select the “Wi-Fi Settings” page from the menu on the top left Menu (three horizontal bars).
  2. Find the “CoachProxy Direct Wi-Fi” section.
  3. Update the “Name” and “Password” to suit your desired values.
  4. Select the “Save” button at the bottom of the section.

NOTE: You will be disconnected from CoachProxy and will need to re-connect using the new Wi-Fi name and password you’ve just set. If you ever forget these values, you can Reset CoachProxy to Factory Defaults.

Final Step: After finishing your CoachProxy setup, it is a good idea to reboot CoachProxy one time. This can be done from the “System” menu inside the CoachProxy user interface.

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