Set Up Remote Access Service

Remote Access Service (legacy)

Remote Access allows you to connect to you CoachProxy from anywhere in the world, as long as you and your CoachProxy are connected to the Internet!

Before subscribing to the Remote Access Service, you should already have:

  • A CoachProxy device installed and connected to a Wi-Fi network in your motorhome.
  • An always-on Internet connection in your motorhome.

Beginning with CoachProxy software version 3.0.8 (released in March 2019), a new Remote Access system is built into CoachProxy. To use this new service, please see Remote Access Service (New).

Setting up the Remote Access Service:

  1. Connect to CoachProxy, go to the “Wi-Fi Setup” page, and look for your WiFi network name and an IP address in the “Your WiFi Network” section of the “Network Information” box, to be sure your CoachProxy is connected to your network.
  2. Purchase a subscription to our Remote Access Service (the first month will be free).
  3. During the purchase process, you will need to input the serial number of your CoachProxy. This is located on the “System” page of your CoachProxy user interface.
  4. After you’ve completed the purchase process, visit your ‘Subscriptions‘ page on the web site.
  5. Select the “Update CoachProxy Link” button.
  6. Confirm your CoachProxy Serial Number is correct, and provide the “MyURL Path” and “Authentication Code” you’d like to use when connecting to CoachProxy remotely.
  7. Select “Update”.
  8. Your new MyURL Path will be active within 60 seconds. A link to the active path is provided on the “Subscriptions” page.
  9. Please test your new link after a minute by visiting the URL you just created.
  10. After authenticating, your CoachProxy interface should be visible!
  11. Please save a link to this page as your new desktop link for easy access. Details on how to do this can be found by doing a Google search on ‘How to create a website link on my desktop’


In order to conserve data on your internet plan, you may wish to create two links on your desktop:

  1. One for when you’re at home and can use the local network address.
  2. Another for when you’re away from home and can utilize the ‘Remote Access’ service.