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Set Your CoachProxy Alerts to Send You A Text!

Did you know you can send CoachProxy alerts to your phone via text message? You can and it is a better way to get an alert as you get it right away vs needing to check your mail.

Below are some address formats to use for major cell providers for sending text message alerts that you can setup in CoachProxy. NOTE: Your coach MUST HAVE Internet access and CoachProxy needs to be on the network providing the Internet access for alerts to function!!! (We are not responsible for usage charges.) For a full list of cell provider text message address, please see

Bell Canada
Boost Mobile
Cellular One
Rogers AT&T Wireless
US Cellular

2 thoughts on “Set Your CoachProxy Alerts to Send You A Text!

  1. I take delivery next week on my Allegro Bus 40SP. I love technology and I eagerly anticipate your release. Please keep me informed.

    1. Hello Jim,
      Good news! It’s available now! Thanks for your patience, we’re excited to get them out the door!


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