Road Map

  • 2018 First Quarter
    • Complete CoachProxy 2.0 software
    • Add new controls for 2018 coaches
    • Catch up on wait list backorders
  • 2018 Second Quarter
    • Develop automatic configuration system allowing customers to choose their year, model, floor plan, and options inside the CoachProxy interface.
    • Develop automatic software update system.
    • Enable Voice Integration feature on 2nd generation Amazon Echo devices.
  • 2018 Third Quarter
    • Begin data collection and reprogramming for 2019 Tiffin coaches.

Known Issues

  • 2018 thermostat controls: currently allow setting “fan only” mode on roof units, but can not yet force the fan to be on while remaining in cooling or heating modes.
  • 2018 Allegro RED: “Master On” button does not work properly. Tiffin re-used some existing light IDs to control furnaces on the RED, causing the “Master On” button to trigger the furnaces in addition to lights.
  • 2018 Allegro Bus: Some motorized shades have been added and/or have changed IDs and can not yet be controlled by CoachProxy.
  • Remote Access: using Remote Access via iPhone may return a blank page after a few days of use. Work-around is to clear the saved browser data for


Version 2.04 – March 8, 2018


  • Added support for 2018 Allegro RED thermostat controls, which use different IDs from Phaeton, Bus, and Zephyr thermostats.

Version 2.03 – February 23, 2018


  • Added new “Under Coach” and “Windshield” accent lights for 2018 Allegro Bus.

Version 2.02 – February 18, 2018


  • Added support for thermostat controls in 2018 coaches. Select air conditioner, heat pump, furnace, fan speed, and temperature set point. Display ambient temperature from indoor and outdoor sensors.
  • Added support for ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) monitoring in 2018 Phaeton, Allegro Bus, and Zephyr. View 120V power usage (volts and amps per leg), and power source (Shore, Generator, or None). Send email notifications when 120V power source changes (e.g. when shore power is lost).
  • Added parking brake position (on/off) to Status page in 2018 Phaeton, Allegro Bus, and Zephyr.
  • Decreased data usage between browser and CoachProxy by 99%. Previously, CoachProxy would update the web browser interface every second, even if nothing changed. CoachProxy now only sends messages to the browser when something changes (e.g. a light is turned on or off).
  • Combined “Front” and “Rear” control pages into single “Interior” page for easier access to lights and fans.


  • Fixed floor heat controls for 2017 coaches. Tiffin made significant changes to the way floor heat temperatures are set starting in 2017. The CoachProxy floor heat code that previously worked in 2014-2016 coaches needed to be completely rewritten for 2017 and 2018 coaches.

Underlying Software

  • Raspbian Linux operating system updated to latest “Jessie” release.
  • Node-RED programming environment updated from 0.16.1 to 0.18.2.
  • Node-RED dashboard user interface updated from 2.2.1 to 2.8.0.