Change Log


Current versions are compatible with 2015-2018 RED, Phaeton, and Bus, as well as 2017-2018 Open Road coaches. If you have a different coach, please contact us for more information.

Customers running CoachProxy 2.2.0 or newer can be automatically updated to the latest version via the “System” page in the CoachProxy interface.

Customers running older versions of the CoachProxy software can upgrade to version 2.2.x manually by following the instructions for downloading and installing the latest software image at Re-Installing CoachProxy Software Image. Once upgraded to 2.2.x, all future updates can be installed automatically.

Version 2.2.2 – May 21, 2018


  • Minor user interface changes (color, spacing, etc.) to improve appearance of CoachProxy interface.


  • A few corrections to Voice Integration window shade and awning commands.
  • Added some error checking in Coach Configuration system.

Version 2.2.1 – May 17, 2018


  • Final tweaks to new Voice Integration software configuration.
  • 2018 Allegro RED, Breeze, and Open Road can now configure the number of heat pumps in the coach.
  • Move “Panel Lights” control from “Status” page to “Interior” page.


  • Tweaks to two 2015 Allegro Bus light names.


  • Complete re-write of window shade and awning control software. Please contact us if you experience any issues with your shades or door awning controls in this version.

Version 2.2.0 – May 8, 2018


  • New auto-update system keeps CoachProxy up-to-date by downloading and installing incremental software updates when CoachProxy is connected to the Internet.
  • Support for new Amazon Echo devices with CoachProxy’s Voice Integration service. Voice Integration will be available for purchase again later this month.
  • Added Aqua-Hot Engine Pre-Heat for 2017 coaches.
  • Added bed lift controls for 2017+ Allegro Bus.
  • Added entry door shade to “all shades up/down” controls to match 2018 Tiffin behavior.

Version 2.17 – April 26, 2018


  • Fixed bug that made it difficult to type into the “battery low voltage” notification field.
  • Fix bug in vent lid indicators on 2018 coaches.
  • Fix incorrect ID for porch light on 2018 Open Road.
  • Removed rear closet light for Allegro Bus models without walk-in closet.
  • Renamed “Courtesy” to “Sconce” on older Allegro Bus models.

Version 2.16 – April 18, 2018


  • Self-configuration system was mistakenly including windshield shade controls on pre-2018 Phaetons. Removed.
  • Fix bug causing generator start/stop to not function in recent versions.
  • Fixed water pump control for 2017 Open Road (pending verification).

Version 2.15 – April 14, 2018


  • Removed some operating system updates introduced in v2.1 that may have affected WiFi stability for some users.

Version 2.14 – April 11, 2018


  • Added windshield shade controls for 2018 Phaeton.

Version 2.13 – April 10, 2018


  • Fix incorrect display of blank tank and/or LPG tank values in bar chart.
  • Fix vent lid indicator problem introduced in v2.11.


  • Added missing lights for 2017 Phaeton 40 AH and 36 GH.
  • 2018 Allegro RED, Breeze, and Open Road can now configure the number of furnaces in the coach.

Version 2.12 – April 6, 2018


  • Support for 2018 Open Road and 2018 Allegro RED in self-configuration feature.

Version 2.11 – April 4, 2018


  • Fixed non-functioning “all shades up/down” bug introduced in version v2.1.

Version 2.1 – April 1, 2018


  • New self-configuration feature. You select the year, model, and floor plan, and CoachProxy will configure itself for the correct set of lights and features.
  • Added Aqua-Hot Engine Pre-Heat to 2018 coaches.
  • Added door awning control to 2018 coaches.
  • Added bar chart for tank level status.
  • Added “under slide box” lights for 2018 Allegro Bus.
  • Changed “Master On/Off” control to work correctly on all interior lights on all coaches.

Other Changes

  • Due to the increasing number of controls being displayed, and to facilitate the self-configuration system, some CoachProxy pages and controls have been re-arranged to provide a cleaner experience:
    • Vent and fan controls are now only displayed on the “Climate” page, instead of mixed with the lights on the “Interior” page.
    • The “Scenes” page has been removed. “Master On/Off” has been moved to the “Interior” page, and “Demo” has been removed.

Version 2.05 – March 25, 2018


  • Added support for 2018 Allegro Bus shade controls, including windshield, toll window, entry door, passenger window, and living room windows.

Version 2.04 – March 8, 2018


  • Added support for 2018 Allegro RED thermostat controls, which use different IDs from Phaeton, Bus, and Zephyr thermostats.

Version 2.03 – February 23, 2018


  • Added new “Under Coach” and “Windshield” accent lights for 2018 Allegro Bus.

Version 2.02 – February 18, 2018


  • Added support for thermostat controls in 2018 coaches. Select air conditioner, heat pump, furnace, fan speed, and temperature set point. Display ambient temperature from indoor and outdoor sensors.
  • Added support for ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) monitoring in 2018 Phaeton, Allegro Bus, and Zephyr. View 120V power usage (volts and amps per leg), and power source (Shore, Generator, or None). Send email notifications when 120V power source changes (e.g. when shore power is lost).
  • Added parking brake position (on/off) to Status page in 2018 Phaeton, Allegro Bus, and Zephyr.
  • Decreased data usage between browser and CoachProxy by 99%. Previously, CoachProxy would update the web browser interface every second, even if nothing changed. CoachProxy now only sends messages to the browser when something changes (e.g. a light is turned on or off).
  • Combined “Front” and “Rear” control pages into single “Interior” page for easier access to lights and fans.


  • Fixed floor heat controls for 2017 coaches. Tiffin made significant changes to the way floor heat temperatures are set starting in 2017. The CoachProxy floor heat code that previously worked in 2014-2016 coaches needed to be completely rewritten for 2017 and 2018 coaches.

Underlying Software

  • Raspbian Linux operating system updated to latest “Jessie” release.
  • Node-RED programming environment updated from 0.16.1 to 0.18.2.
  • Node-RED dashboard user interface updated from 2.2.1 to 2.8.0.