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Connect CoachProxy to Your Wi-Fi Network

Note: This section is for joining your CoachProxy to your existing Wi-Fi network.

  1. After installation, connect to CoachProxy and Touch / Click on the top left Menu (three horizontal bars),  go to the System panel and look for ‘Join Your Wi-Fi’ section. (Not to be confused with ‘CoachProxy Direct Wi-Fi’)
  2. Provide your Wi-Fi Network Name by either:
    Join Your Wi-Fi
    1. Click ‘Scan for your Wi-Fi’ and select it from the ‘Select network’ drop down
    2. Manually enter your existing Wi-Fi network’s Name into the ‘Network Name’ area.
      Note: The Wi-Fi Network Name is case sensitive!
  3. Enter your Wi-Fi network’s Password into the ‘Network Password’ area
    Note: The Wi-Fi Network Password is case sensitive!
  4. Touch / Click on on the ‘Save’ button at the bottom of the section.
  5. Watch the screen for status messages as CoachProxy attempts to connect for any issues.
  6. Once connected, CoachProxy will provide the IP address your network gave CoachProxy.
  7. Connect your Phone, Tablet or Computer back to your existing Wi-Fi network (not the CoachProxy Direct Wi-Fi network).
  8. Type in the IP address that was provided by CoachProxy into the web browser.
  9. After a few seconds, CoachProxy should be displayed.
  10. If you will not be using CoachProxy over a remote connection, please now save a link to this page on your desktop or device home page for easy access.

NOTE: It is NOT recommended to use the CoachProxy Direct Wi-Fi connection if you have CoachProxy connected to your network.