Voice Integration

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Control your CoachProxy enabled Motorcoach with the power of VOICE!

Please read the full details below!

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Attention: Recent software changes by Amazon has broken compatibility with newer Amazon Echo devices. We are working to restore this feature and expect to have Voice Integration available again in May, 2018.

CoachProxy Voice Integration

Voice Integration allows you to control many of CoachProxy’s features with your voice and an Amazon Echo speaker!


  • A CoachProxy device in your Motorcoach.
  • An Amazon Alexa enabled device (Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo TapFire TV, etc,)
  • An ability to configure a static IP for your CoachProxy Device
  • An always-on Internet Connection


  1. Install CoachProxy
  2. Join CoachProxy to the same Internet-enabled Wi-Fi network as your Amazon Alexa device.
  3. Configure CoachProxy for a Static IP address
    • This can be done in one of two ways:
      • Setting up a static IP reservation or long-lived DHCP lease on your Wi-Fi Router
      • Directly on the CoachProxy device
    • These are advanced topics and require at least a basic understanding of Network configuration.
  4. Purchase CoachProxy – Voice integration
  5. Wait for activation email from support@wandertech.us.
  6. Once the activation email is received, instruct your Alexa device to ‘discover devices’
  7. Alexa will advise it may take up to 20 seconds to complete.
  8. Once complete, Alexa will report how many devices were found
  9. Go to the “Smart Home” section of the Alexa app on your phone to view the names of the discovered devices.
  10. Test your voice control: “Alexa, turn on Main ceiling lights”

Not all CoachProxy features can be voice controlled.