CoachProxy Voice Integration

$ 39.95

Control many of  CoachProxy’s features with the power of your voice!

Important! Before ordering, please carefully review our Voice Integration features, requirements, and setup instructionsVoice Integration requires CoachProxy software version 2.2.1 and a static IP address configured for your CoachProxy.

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You must have your CoachProxy device before purchasing. Find your 12-character Serial Number on the “System” page of your CoachProxy device. Your Voice Integration service will be activated for this Serial Number.

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Voice Integration allows you to control many of CoachProxy’s features with your voice and an Amazon Echo speaker!


  • A CoachProxy device installed and and connected to a Wi-Fi network in your motorhome.
  • CoachProxy software version 2.2.1 or newer.
  • An Amazon Alexa enabled device (Echo, Echo Dot, Echo TapFire TV, etc.) installed on the same Wi-Fi network as CoachProxy.
  • A static IP address configured for your CoachProxy, either via your router/hotspot’s DHCP settings, or inside CoachProxy’s Wi-Fi settings.
  • An always-on Internet connection. Amazon’s Alexa works by sending your voice to Amazon’s Internet servers for decoding.

Before purchasing, please carefully review about Voice Integration features, requirements, and setup instructions!