CoachProxy WiFi Hardware Upgrade (2018 CoachProxy Purchases Only)

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Beginning in November 2018, all new CoachProxy units include a second WiFi interface, for improved WiFi reliability. This hardware upgrade is being offered for free to existing CoachProxy owners whose units are still under warranty (purchased less than 12 months ago). If you are under warranty and would like this upgrade, enter your CoachProxy serial number below and complete the free purchase.

If your CoachProxy is more than 12 months old, you can purchase this hardware upgrade directly from Amazon or other retailers for approximately $15:

IMPORTANT: you will also need the latest CoachProxy 3.x software in order to use this new hardware. You can download and install this yourself, or purchase a pre-configured software update card from us.

IMPORTANT: Your home router/hotspot will detect the WiFi adapter as a new device, and will assign it a new IP address. Any saved bookmarks, favorites, or home screen icons will need to be updated to use the new IP address assigned by your router. Voice Integration customers will need to use the Alexa app or web site to “forget” each device and then re-run the discovery process with the upgraded CoachProxy.

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CoachProxy Serial Number

You can find your Serial Number on the ‘System’ page of your CoachProxy screen, above the ‘Reboot’ button. The Serial Number will be 12 alpha-numeric characters (copy/paste is recommended).

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