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I want my CoachProxy!

We’re working on getting the production release of CoachProxy ready and hope to have it out very soon. We currently have a few remaining items that must be finished prior to release:

  • We found some issues with our current round of circuit boards and are working with the manufacturer to get those straightened out
  • We are finalizing a ‘self-configuration’ capability so it’s easy for Coach owners to fully customize the organization and naming of the controls for their coach.

These are our last two hurdles for release. Taking a bit longer than anticipated, but we really want to make sure a quality product goes out the door instead of rushing things.

We appreciate everyone’s patience and believe you’ll be very happy with the end product when available!

6 thoughts on “I want my CoachProxy!

  1. I am planning to order a 2017 Allegro Bus 37AP next week. I’ve.been in research mode for what seems like forever. One of the few concerns I’ve had with Tiffin is that they do not have a product like this.. Hopefully your product ready by the time I get my coach.

    1. Hello Mark,
      CoachProxy is now available for purchase. Thanks for your patience, and congrats on the 2017 Bus!


  2. I’m very interested in this product. Will it let you control the thermostats? Do you know of a way to do that remotely?

    1. Hello Eric,
      Future Tiffin coaches are working on having the climate control all on the Spyder controls system. Once that’s in place, CoachProxy will be able to control that aspect as well. Currently on 2016 and newer coaches, CoachProxy can control the heated floor as well as the ceiling vents/fans.


  3. Notify me when it is ready. I’m in.

    1. Hey Jeff,
      CoachProxy is available for purchase now! Thanks so much for your patience!


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