CoachProxy is a simple, intelligent interface for operating your coach from any web browser, whether it’s your Phone, Tablet or Computer and is capable of doing this from anywhere you may be, on any number of devices. CoachProxy scales to allow rapid access to practically every feature of your coach that is on the Spyder Controls Multiplex System. Seeing that most motorhome manufacturers have yet to add such a great feature, we set out to do so for any 2015 or newer Tiffin Motorhomes.


The specifics of what can be controlled is dependent on your Coach Year, Make, Model and elected options. Some Coaches do not have heated floors, thus you will not have controls for them as they will not magically appear in your coach. CoachProxy can only control items that are on the Spyder Controls system. If it can not be controlled or read by the Spyder Controls system, we can not control it or read it. So with that said, here is a list of what we can currently control or read if you have it in your coach. (As of July 2017)

Typical Availability
Device Type Controllability OpenRoad Breeze RED Phaeton Bus Zephyr
Indoor Lights On / Off
Indoor Lights Dim – if applicable × × ×
TV Lift Up / Down × × × ×
Outdoor Lights On / Off
Panel Lights On / Off / Dimming
Vents Open / Close / On / Off
Vents Speed / Direction of airflow *D *D *D *D *D *D
Heating & Cooling Temperature, mode, fan speed ✔² ✔² ✔² ✔² ✔² ✔²
Heated Floors On / Off
Current Temp / Set Temp
× × ×
Day/Night Shades Open / Close
– Each shade or all together
× × × ×
Door Lock Lock / Unlock × × × ×
Cargo Locks Lock / Unlock × × × ×
Water Pump On / Off
AquaHot /
Water Heater
On / Off
– Fuel and Electric
Generator Start / Stop × × × ✔¹

¹ Phaeton Generator controls on 2017+ only.
² Thermostat controls available on 2018+ coaches.
*P: Pending data capture and feature add
*D: Was expected to be in 2018+ Coaches, but appears to have been delayed by Tiffin.


CoachProxy can report the status on a number of items in your coach.

Reading 2015 2016 2017 2018
Tank Levels Yes Yes Yes Yes
Battery Voltage Yes¹ Yes Yes Yes
Generator Status ( Running / Stopped ) No Yes Yes Yes
Ignition ( On / Off ) No Yes Yes Yes
Ambient Temperature No No No Yes
Power Usage No No No Yes²
Power Loss No No No Yes²

¹ Only the House Battery is available.
² Confirmed on 2018 Phaeton; pending further tests on other models.

Alert Reporting

CoachProxy can alert you via email based on levels you set. CoachProxy must have access to the Internet for Alerts to function!  No internet, no alerts.

Reading Alert 2015 2016+ 2017 2018+
Fresh Tank High / Low Yes Yes Yes Yes
Grey Tank High / Full Yes Yes Yes Yes
Black Tank High / Full Yes Yes Yes Yes
Battery Voltage Low Yes¹ Yes Yes Yes
Generator Running / Stopped No Yes Yes Yes
Ignition On / Off No Yes Yes Yes
Ambient Temperature High / Low No No No *P
Power Usage High No No No *P
Shore Power Lost / Restored No No No Yes²

¹ Only the House Battery is available.
² Confirmed on 2018 Phaeton; pending further tests on other models.
*P: Pending feature add for applicable 2018+ Coaches.

Voice Control!

Attention: Recent software changes to Amazon Echo and Google Home devices has broken the Voice Control feature of CoachProxy.  We are working to restore this feature and will update as soon as this is resolved.

Yes, with CoachProxy and the ‘Voice Integration‘ add-on, you can now control most of your Coach by Voice if you have an Amazon Echo (Echo, Echo Dot or Echo Tap all supported) or Google Home device!

Note: Voice Control requires Internet access and can be impacted by slow or sporadic Internet connectivity. This is a limitation of the voice recognition processing of Amazon Echo and Google Home devices.

Important Details You Need To Understand

Alerts, Remote Access and Voice control of your Coach require that your CoachProxy has Internet access. You will always be able to use CoachProxy while inside or near your coach as long as you are within Wi-Fi range. This is typically achieved by running your own internal Wi-Fi network in your coach ( Cellular HotSpot, Jetpack, or other Internet access ).  Even though CoachProxy uses very little data, we are NOT responsible for usage charges.

There is a monthly subscription service fee for this feature of $4.95 per month. (First month free.)

But as mentioned, you are always able to use CoachProxy locally regardless of your Internet access status. (“Dang it, I forgot to unlock the cargo bay doors and I am by the wet bay.” Pull out your phone and tap Unlock Cargo. “Oh yeah, I need cargo lights too!” Tap!)

And Then Some

We will continue to add controls as they become available in future coaches and we are always working to make CoachProxy better for existing Coaches. Some items that are on the development list at this time:

Automation “Scenes”
Example: Go into Scenes and press TV Time and CoachProxy will set the shades and the lighting for perfect TV viewing. Or press “Evening Mode” to set the lighting for the evening.
Time-based events
Examples: Lower night shades at 7pm, lock doors at 10pm (be sure you know your keyless entry code!), etc.

Take It With You Into a New Tiffin Coach!

If you buy CoachProxy and then later purchase a new or used Tiffin coach that we support, we can update your CoachProxy control options for your new coach.

Will This Void My Warranty?

As coach owners, we wanted to know this as well. We worked directly with Spyder Controls to be sure that CoachProxy would not interfere with normal operations. CoachProxy appears to be just another keypad on the Spyder Control network. As such, there are no Warranty issues with using CoachProxy in your Coach.

What CoachProxy Will Not Do – Audio & Video and Slides

Why not A/V control?
Simple. If we program the system to control brand X of a TV and brand Y of a sound bar for example, what happens if you replace either with another brand or if you decide to add something else to your system? You will not be able to control it with CoachProxy and would then need to come to us to reprogram it, and we do not come cheap. If you are looking for an all in one remote, might we suggest looking into a Harmony brand remote.
Regarding Slides
As coach owners, we firmly believe that when you move a slide room, you should be inside the coach to watch and listen for issues. We have all heard of someone crushing something or even bending a chair. There’s not much that will stop the powerful hydraulics, so something will have to break. And let’s not forget about your furry family members. We absolutely would not want anything to happen to one of them if you are standing outside the coach moving the slide remotely and did not see what was going on. The argument that you want to be sure you are outside so your slide does not hit something can not compete against the chance of crushing something inside the coach. After all, you have looked at where you parked before opening any slide, right?

We set out to develop a product that fills a need at an affordable price and is quick and easy to use. We do not pretend to be like other systems you may have seen in another coach, nor did we ever set out to be. While we would love to be able to control everything on every Tiffin Coach, we can only control what the Tiffin placed on the Spyder Controls network. If it is not on that network, we can not read or control it. As Tiffin adds new items to future coaches, we will add them to CoachProxy. If you buy a new coach, we can update the CoachProxy you own.