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Take control of your 2015+ Tiffin motorhome! Please review our Feature Compatibility page and Installation Instructions before ordering. Be sure you know where you plan to install CoachProxy, and whether or not you need to purchase a Spyder connection hub to complete your installation.

Please read the Reasons NOT to buy a CoachProxy to be sure CoachProxy is for you.

Note: Since each Tiffin model and floor plan is slightly different, your CoachProxy may require some customization after you install it. If your CoachProxy is missing some light controls or has extra controls not needed on your floor plan, just contact us and we will work with you to correct this. This is especially true for 2019 Tiffin coaches, as 2019 support is brand new in CoachProxy as of October 2018.

Please also read the details below for more information and compatibility.


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CoachProxy is a universal web-based interface for operating your 2015 or newer Tiffin coach from any computer, phone, or tablet.

For complete details, including a list of features, please visit the Introduction and Feature Compatibility pages.

For instructions on installing and configuring CoachProxy, please visit our Instructions pages.

With the purchase of CoachProxy, you will receive one month of FREE Remote Access Service. Once you receive your CoachProxy device, come back and purchase the ‘Remote Access Service‘ to start your FREE Month. After the free month, remote access is only $4.95/month and can be canceled and restarted at any time.

Internet Access Requirements

You can always access CoachProxy while inside or near your coach, as long as you are within Wi-Fi range. No Internet connection is required.

Notifications, Remote Access and Voice Control require that your CoachProxy has Internet access. This is typically achieved by running your own internal Wi-Fi network in your coach (with a router, hotspot, Jetpack, or other method).

CoachProxy is not able to use Internet connections which have a sign-in page (commonly found on Campground Wi-Fi). In order to use these types of connections, you must have a Wi-Fi repeating device inside your Coach and sign into the Wi-Fi network via another device on this repeater.


Please visit our Instructions pages for details on installing CoachProxy and connecting it to your WiFi network.

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2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

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Allegro Breeze, Allegro Bus, Allegro Open Road, Allegro RED, Phaeton, Zephyr